The harvest

The tomato that has reached the right level of ripeness is harvested by hand in the fields of REGIONE PUGLIA, from here loaded onto trucks for transport at our factory, so that the tomatoes can be processed within 24 hours of harvesting.


In the factory, the tomato is carefully selected, first through optical sorter and then by hand. Only the best tomatoes, after several wash cycles, are processed and processed. After the automatic sorting phase, the tomato is scalded by a steam flow and then passed to the peeler which eliminates the skins. At this point the professionalism of the persons involved in manual sorting takes over, which ensure a further control over the tomato with the elimination of the fruits that are not whole or with an insufficient degree of ripeness.

Filling and Quality Control

Canned, after adding slightly concentrated tomato juice, the already packaged product is subjected to pasteurization which allows it to be stored until consumed. Once pasteurized, the jars are ready for quality control that verifies their suitability for sale. All our products are obtained exclusively with fresh tomatoes without the addition of preservatives or antioxidants that can modify their properties and characteristics, since it is the same raw material used to be naturally endowed with such active ingredients which, however, are not significantly denatured by mechanical processing treatments and even less by sterilization cycles.